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Long after you have stated your wedding vows and declared your love for one another, after the last dance of the evening, after your guests have given you all their love and headed home for bed, after everything… your wedding pictures are what remain. 

Together with her husband Tony, she photographs beautiful weddings and happy families, creating timeless, beautifully handcrafted wedding books. Family heirlooms, really. They embrace a futuristic vision of a couple’s great-grandchildren opening one of their wedding books for the very first time. Sitting on the sofa’s edge. Dangling legs, too short to reach the floor. Tiny hands turning pages. Eyes wide, amazed, smiling, Learning.

and on your wedding day, every moment counts. 

They say time flies when you're having fun


I'll make sure your photos integrate seamlessly throughout your day, so you can focus on making memories for a lifetime.

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Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Cyndi brings an artistic, polished eye to wedding photography.

An eye fine-tuned by the experience of over 600 weddings in locations both near and far. With each new celebration, her passion for the craft is reignited, and her unwavering devotion to her artistry shines through. Her boundless creativity is tempered by an unyielding commitment to the timeless elegance of her refined style, resulting in truly breathtaking work that continues to push the limits of what is possible.

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Araujo Photography, a husband and wife team of professional wedding photographers based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and serving all of Allegheny County

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